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SALT Editions is a twice-monthly online magazine. The issues consist of four articles, each published every three days and expanding on a common theme, as outlined in an editorial that precedes and presents how the four sections of the magazine will deal with the chosen topic.

SALT Editions is, indeed, a publishing project to be conceived in two complementary ways: as the acronym of Sound, Action, Literature and Travel on one hand, and on the other as the feature that combines them all together, that is spicing up our life and adding flavour to our daily living, just like salt does with food.

The idea behind it starts taking shape in July 2012, but it’s in January 2013 that it’s put into effect. The project finally comes alive involving what has now become the editorial staff here at SALT Editions: people with different cultural backgrounds and miscellaneous study paths, but with the same, ever-growing enthusiasm over the chance to write about their passions.

Our project was born with the intention of reviewing, sharing and discussing books, music, cinema, travels and events, in the hope that it can genuinely provide an opportunity to grow both culturally and professionally while still being freely accessible to anyone.

SALT Editions is currently issued in Italian; however, selected articles will be translated and published on the “International” section of our website.

Happy reading!

Francesca Bianchi
Editors-in-chief and founder of SALT Editions

Holding a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Social Sciences earned at Bocconi, she’s now attending a Master’s degree in Economics – Public Administration and International Organisations Management at the same University. Currently living in Göteborg (she swears the place exists and it’s in Sweden). When she’s not too busy fighting the ice age, she travels as much as possible, she devotes her time to amateur photography, she reads a lot and writes too much. She’s left-handed, or, rather, ambidextrous.

Chiara Marchisotti
“Sound” editor

Combined Bachelor and Master of Science in Law student at Bocconi University, she’s majoring in Corporate Law. After a semester abroad spent in the Netherlands she’s now back in Milan, but she has London on the brain. Ever since she started talking she’s been struggling to figure out how the world works, and although she still hasn’t got any satisfying answers she asserts that music helps. Anglophile, audiophile, cat and dog lover, serial observer, truth seeker, hair splitter, last word holder.

Paola Galli
“Sound” joint editor

Law student at Bocconi University in Milan, she’s just been back from a study experience in São Paulo. She’s the undisputed queen of made in Italy caipirinhas, as well as a guitarist as a pastime and a passionate volleyball player, in spite of the few centimetres at her disposal. When she grows up, she wants to be a magistrate, but if she couldn’t make it, she’d just take off for Brazil and sell caipirinhas at some beach-hut on a random tropical beach.

Alessandro Pigoni
“Action” editor

Dr Alessandro Pigoni, please. Medical student at Università Vita-Salute San Raffaele. When he’s not saving lives, he’s either reading book and smoking a pipe or sitting in a cinema with his eyes glued to the screen. These are his passions. Hidden under his neglected beard, his expanded ego prevents him from writing a decent autobiography.

Valeria Osti Guerrazzi
“Action” joint editor

She’s been living in Rome for twenty-one long years, and there she studies Modern Languages and Literature at Università La Sapienza; despite being extremely attached to “the eternal city”, she feels ready to leave it and move to Berlin for six months (or maybe, for all of her life). She obviously loves travelling and speaking odd languages, like German and Russian, but her true, great passion goes for Dostoevskij, Gogol’ and Turgenev, whose Slav trio is joined by Goethe and the Manns brothers. She loves Pink Floyd, Kubrick and dark chocolate; she hates Hogans, excessively handsome actors and girls who call their friends “love”. She has two dogs.

Ginevra Ripa
“Literature” joint editor

Law student at Bocconi University; passionate about journalism, something which, someday, she’d like to do for a living. Reader.

Giulia Galimberti
“Literature” joint editor

“Literature” joint editor. Economics student of Public Administration and International Organisations Management at Bocconi University and reader. Currently living in Berlin, where she’s struggling with the German language and the sesquipedalophobia that results from it.

Gabriele Zagni
“Travel” editor

Social media editor at “Piazzapulita” (a weekly talk-show that airs on a national TV channel, La7), he’s completing his studies in International Relations at Università La Sapienza in Rome. Born in Cremona, he now lives in the charming Italian capital, although he sometimes fights with it and then has to make it up. He’s all for safeguarding beauty. He writes for passion and inclination. He loves brackets and full stops. He volunteers for UNICEF.

Elisa Cugnaschi
“Travel” joint editor.

Italian character immune carrier, depending on the circumstances she will turn herself into an emigrant or a traveller. She’s a foreigner as a vocation, and as a student she only attends courses whose descriptions contain the word “international”. At the moment she’s living in France, travelling as soon as she can; she loves pizza margherita with buffalo mozzarella and speaks three languages fluently. She’s curious and she knows it, but you can’t do anything about that.

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